Never enough time to remember all of these essential toiletry items for your holiday? Got that last minute and very important business trip to go on and no time to pack. Well Journey Buddy is your solution to these dilemmas and much much more.

Journey Buddy Travel packs come in an extensive range to suit any occasion imaginable, be it a 3 day or weekend trip, a 2 week tropical holiday or even a stag and hen party to attend. Journey Buddy is here to remove the stress for you. The most comprehensive collection of travel-size toiletry items on the market at your disposal.

Additionally the contents of our packs contain unique items such as First Aid Kits, Sewing Kits and even peg-less clothes lines.

Here are just a few of our current and planned products :

Aside from our existing product range, the Journey Buddy website allows you to customise your very own packs to your own specifications. Simply explore our dedicated shop, click as many of the items you require and pop into the cart, check out and they will be dispatched to you in one of our airport ready travel packs. Ideal for special gifts and the option to have personalised printing onto the packs them selves.

Journey Buddy Shop

Explore our products on the online shop for the occasion that suits your needs.  Here you also have the option to select your own individual items and create a travel pack. Ideal for long trips or even as unique gifts for loved ones.

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